The New Fighting Seabees Documentary
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                                  "The New Fighting Seabees" 

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Written and Directed by  RJ McHatton

If you are a Seabee please send your stories to  

RJ McHatton
Inventive Productions LLC
63185 Boyd Acres Rd
Bend, OR 97701

The purpose of this new documentary is to help show the stories of the men and women who have served in the Seabees.

The project began when my sister Patty enlisted into the Seabees at the age of 35.  She was deployed to Iraq.  We thought it would be great to have the people in her group to send me their videos, pictures, and home movies and I would put together a short film abou their experiences.

Then the word got out about the project.  The Seabees Historical Foundation contacted me and offered to help us find Seabees to interview.  With their help we began to hear from Seabees all across America who had served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars.  I started receiving pictures and home movies and artifacts from families of Seabees who had served but were not alive anymore.

I received tons of emails from men and women telling me some incredible remarkable stories of their experiences as a Seabee.

I decided that this movie had to be bigger and it had to include these remarkable stories.  So I began my journey to meet and interview Seabees and to widen the movie into a full feature length film.

Over the past five years we have interviewed numerous Seabees and heard their stories.  We are nearly finished making this movie, but need some funding to get two final interviews and to complete the editing post production of the movie and get it out to the film festivals and world marketplaces.

Thanks for learning more about our NEW FIGHTING SEABEES film project.  I can't wait to show you the completed movie.

RJ McHatton, Director